Look ma, no jazz hands!

You’re a savvy consumer, and you’ve watched product after product being launched into the world with freaking epic amounts of fanfare.

Giveaways, launch parties, seemingly endless training videos, 33 testimonial stories, 843 affiliate posts timed to publish within 3 milliseconds of one another…you know the drill.  If you just click here and then follow there and then tweet 3.7 times and share a link with 822 friends, you could be entered to win…something that in no way reflects the amount of effort you’ve put into earning it!  Hooray!

I’d love to suggest an alternative to launching that way.

We can release our work into the world without the use of excessive and repetitive jazz hands. Not because we don’t love the song and dance and…jazziness, but because we should do the song and dance only if it feels good. We should toil endlessly on launch logistics if we fucking LOVE logistics, not because we feel pressure to emulate someone we respect or admire.

Further, if we’re looking to connect deeply with a handful of people, we don’t have to gather 3.7 million followers apiece. If what we sell is limited by our time — meaning an influx of 1,000 new customers would actually overwhelm our businesses instead of building them — there’s no need for all the hoopla.

So, with great pride but without an overwhelming amount of fanfare, I’d like to introduce you to Introverts at Work.

Introverts at Work // Brand Camp

There are just 100 spots in the full Introverts at Work program, which walks you through brilliant selling and marketing alternatives for Quiet entrepreneurs. The full (2-scoop) program also includes 1-on-1 coaching time with both myself and my best friend Doey, who’s racked up over a decade’s worth of sales experience and will coach you through selling your work in ways that feel good to you.

If you’re ready to let your work be seen and appreciated — i.e. sold like hotcakes when you get out of your own way and embrace your distinctly Quiet characteristics — it’s time to check out Introverts at Work.

The program is on sale through September 10th, and officially starts on September 15th.

I can’t wait to meet you, Quiet friend.

Introverts at Work // Brand Camp


P.S. Grab a sample of Introverts at Work here if you’d like to explore further.


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