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    12 things to say yes to every time // Brand Camp


    Sure, you can blast music or turn to a screen or open a magazine. You can also give yourself some space. Ten breaths. Five minutes. A long pause.

    Yoga. (Or whatever gives you energy and makes your body feel good.)

    Bikram is a pain in my ass because it’s long (90-minute class), it’s far away (30-minute drive), and it requires doing a load of laundry immediately (105-degree temperatures will do that). It’s also an energetic shakedown that leaves me feeling better than when I went into the room, no matter what. Totally worth it.


    Let it out. Roll around, get all dramatic, be miserable, and then move on. It’s the keeping-it-stuck-and-refusing-to-cry energy that causes gross stuff to happen, not a few tears rolling down your face.


    Always, even when it doesn’t seem to fit the schedule or the budget.

    This has taken me to California and Baltimore and Wildwood and and a tiny lake in New Hampshire this year, and will take me to Soul Camp and to Hawaii and to Europe in the next few months. (Hawaii = site of the Find Your Voice workshop. Join me.)

    Doing it in person.

    Virtual stuff is all well and good, but getting together in person means hugging and laughing without screens between you. It’s way more convenient to Skype than to hop on a plane, rent a car, and pull up to the hotel just in time for dinner, but holy crap there’s nothing like meeting in person.

    Doing it.

    Yah, you’re tired or sweaty or it’s Tuesday and you’ve got work early but dammit, sex is always an awesome choice.


    Even if you don’t see a single whale, you get to hang out in the ocean for a few hours. It’s fucking majestic, people.


    It’s easy to wriggle out of having structure when you’re self-employed, but deadlines keep you focused. Translation: yes, you could go out and get your booze on, but your book is due next week. BECAUSE YOU SAID SO.

    Temporary tattoos.

    Between Tattly and Danielle, you can pretty much look however you’d like with zero commitment, no pain, and no recovery time.


    At the diner, when they have kids’ placemats and crayons?
    At the workshop, when they want you to take notes?
    At the conference, when they have a famous creative onstage?

    Yes, yes, and yes.


    Ever gotten out of a nice warm bath and thought, WELL THAT WAS TERRIBLE? Thought not. Something about being in water is exhilarating at a cellular level. Soak it up.


    You. A fancy hotel room. Your city. Room service. The closest you can get to magic without wrangling a unicorn.

    Go on.  Just say “yes.”

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    “I’m not very good at taking care of myself.”

    My client confessed it as if she was telling me she’d killed a puppy or strangled her next door neighbor for playing music too loudly.

    Instead, I laughed.

    You’re not good at taking care of yourself?

    Oh hi, welcome to the club.

    We all have cycles that govern our lives, and we all pretend they can be ignored in the name of getting more shit done for our businesses, our families, our work, our pets, our kids, our colleagues, our…everything-but-our-selves.

    I'm not very good at taking care of myself.  // Brand Camp

    In this episode of That’s What She Said, we talk about all the cycles.

    Sleep cycles.
    Hunger cycles.
    Sugar-craving cycles.
    Procrastination cycles.
    Work cycles.
    Menstrual cycles.

    All of it.

    You’re not stupid or terrible or awful person. You just need to take an honest look at your cycles.

    You’ll also hear my favorite counter-intuitive business advice and I’ll love on the podcast I’m adoring right this minute.

    Listen below, or subscribe in iTunes to get your cycle on.

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    You’re broke. Or you feel broke, even though technically there’s money in your bank account.

    You’re getting paid $1.17 after taxes or child support payments or expenses.
    You owe thousands upon thousands of dollars in credit card debt.
    Your clients aren’t booking like they usually do.
    You’re freaking out.
    You can’t quite breathe.

    Feeling powerless and overwhelmed by mounds of debt sucks big hairy balls. So first, before we talk strategies or how-to’s or ideas that might help you out, take back your power.

    You can turn this around if you refuse to be overwhelmed by it.

    How to stress less when your bank account is skinnier than Kate Middleton // Brand Camp

    You run a business, and you’ve got income streams at your disposal.

    You’ve also got a brain, some good ideas, and three minutes to do this exercise with me. Ready?

    How can you make $1,000 in the next week?

    Not $7,000 or $12,000 or $47,000…one thousand dollars.

    You’ve made a thousand dollars before. And you can do it again.

    What’s one way you can make that happen?

    (Feel that panic loosening?)

    Now, take it one step further.

    What are 5 different ways you can make $1,000?

    Maybe they’re not all feasible, and maybe they can’t all happen tomorrow, but it’s worth noting. You have lots of ways to make money at your disposal.

    The act of loosening your grip on panic and embracing other alternatives does wonders for your psyche.

    Oh, you’ll have a sale on those and then move up that project.
    You’ll put off spending there and make that happen instead.
    You’ll discount those items to move inventory, then tease your peeps with new stuff that’s even more amazing.
    You’ll make twice as many products this month.
    You’ll open a few more spots.
    You’ll work with someone else to co-promote an event.
    You’ll offer an amazing incentive to get your peeps to take action now.

    You won’t panic.
    You won’t pander.
    You won’t throw your hands up in despair.

    You have the ability to earn the money you need, but you’ve got to remain calm enough to see it.

    Keep going: what are 10 ways you can earn $1,000? This might require pulling in a new project, expanding in a direction you’ve been longing to go for a while, or actually making those people pay you for work you’re already doing. But it’s within your power.

    In order to make ________________
    in the next few __________________,
    I’ll ____________________
    and _______________________________
    and offer _________________ to my peeps for ___ days.

    If that doesn’t work, I’ll come back to the drawing board.

    No stress. No freakage-outage.

    You’ve got this.

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    You’ve been hanging around my website (or podcast or classes or e-mails) and you feel like you know me, and I know you, and we’ll get along like a house on fire. In fact, you suspect that we’ll get along like a whole freaking block on fire.

    Awesome. That’s qualification number one, check.

    Qualification number two?

    You’re ready for big shifts.

    Not changing a font on your website or raising your prices by five bucks.

    Not buying a class or program or done-for-you formula and trying to retrofit it to your business.

    You’re ready for burning that thing you made to the ground. Starting something new.
    Quitting your job. Embracing a new business direction.
    Or…you don’t know what. But you know it’s big, and you know you’ll be scared in the telling of it, and you could use some help.

    I’ll be completely kind but entirely honest.

    Whether that’s helping you flesh out an idea, offering critique on a product, or pointing out that you’ve complained about your partner 27 times during the first 12 minutes of our time together, I’ll notice your patterns.

    I’ll ask what you’re really thinking and feeling.

    I won’t take anything less than the truth for an answer.

    During the Find Your Voice workshop, we’ll do just one thing, over and over and in a thousand different ways: tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.


    If you’re tired of being comfortable;
    tired of hiding;
    tired of feeling like you’re always turning it down, toning it down,
    or shutting yourself down…

    I invite you to crack open.

    We’ll talk. We’ll also listen.
    We’ll play games that seem completely unrelated to the rest of our time together.

    You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hate me for brief moments, but love me for the long haul.

    I’ll push you to the brink of your own potential and invite you to step right the fuck off that fucking cliff.

    You’ll resist.

    Then I’ll just plain push you.

    So you can stop hiding. From the world, from your work, from your talents, and from yourself.

    So you can stop buying shit to distract yourself from the fact that you’re miserable on the inside.

    So you can stop feeling so alone that sometimes, you bawl your tits off on the bathroom floor.

    So you can stop being afraid of success. So you can stop being afraid of failure. (Sometimes both at the same time.)

    So you can come closer to being who you’re meant to be in the world.

    Sure, it’s messy in the land of discovering yourself and making your way, dancing with the divine and relentlessly pursuing what you know to be true about why you’re here.

    It’s also joyful.
    Intensely meaningful.
    Deeply pleasurable.
    And profoundly…

    My life is truthful. My work is truthful.

    There’s no better feeling, and I invite you to show up and be seen.

    To tell the truth, embrace your craziness, and meet the world with the words “Fuck yah” on your lips.

    Find Your Voice workshop // Kristen Kalp + Hawaii

    In type-A terms, that means you get:

    + one 2-day workshop September 9th & 10th in the fine city of Laie, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii ($1999 value)
    + homecooked-by-Haunani breakfasts, lunches, and snacks during the workshop ($149 value)
    + a 1-hour 1-on-1 post-workshop phone call to spill your guts and get your homework on ($649 value)
    + a welcome dinner on September 8th, plus assorted surprises and shenanigans of all kinds ($199 value)
    + someone to hold you accountable for doing what you say you’re going to do (priceless)

    In type…not type-A…terms, that means you get:

    + all the knowledge I can possibly offer concerning what you’re going through, what you need to do next, and step-by-step direction to help you get where you’re going
    + an outline of all the places where you and your business don’t align, at the moment, and new copy to help you get all lined up
    + unrelenting support from someone who actually gives a shit about your pursuit of your highest calling (while actively hating the term ‘highest calling’)
    + intuitive hits, psychic nods, and other things people write off as bullshit until they call me and ask, “Hey, can you do that magic thing you do for me?”
    + real-life, in-person time to ask me anything at all
    + access to other humans who are just. like. you.
    + discounted rates on additional products and services from yours truly

    That’s a $2996 value, yours for $1299.

    Register by August 1st and 1 of the 10 seats available is yours for $999.

    add-to-cart-600If the thought of attending makes your eyes leak or you’re practically dying to press the add to cart button before you’ve read all the details…please, honor that. Find a way to get there, friend. I can’t wait to squeeze you.

    Find Your Voice workshop with Kristen KalpInstead of going through a long sales page full of endless FAQ’s that probably won’t answer your question anyway…just reach out and talk to me. Boom!

    This is the end of the page. If you’re all OH DEAR GOD I NEED TO COME AND/OR WHY ARE MY EYES LEAKING!?!!??, I’ll see you there. ;)

    Grab your seat here.

    P.S. The game of it is getting more alive
    each day, refusing to close
    or to stifle your whole being
    in the face of despair.

    The trick of it is opening relentlessly,
    letting all the world reach you:
    exposing your neck to a creature who may bite.
    Refusing to kill off your most vital bits when it does.

    …and when you find those who are more alive than you,
    ask their secrets.
    (This is the only one
    I know so far.)

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    The other night, I dreamed that my Dad and I were in Punxsutawney to hear John Candy’s stand-up routine when Bill Murray showed up and asked for a sip of my shamrock shake. (Obviously.)

    When we makers and business owners doubt our creativity or think we’ve got nothing new to say, isn’t it neat that our brains can conjure this shit up?

    John Candy is dead, shamrock shakes are out of season, my Dad and I aren’t planning a roadtrip, and Bill Murray…yah yah yah yah yah, my brain gestures impatiently. JUST WATCH.

    Sharing a shamrock shake with Bill Murray // brand camp

    The creative act — whether you’re making dinner or a new product or a different service or a movie or painting or a day that feels better than yesterday — comes with plenty of roadblocks that make logical sense.

    You’re tired.
    You’re out of cash.
    You’ve got no supplies.
    You’re not as good as ______________.

    But that doesn’t stop Bill Murray from showing up and sharing your shamrock shake. You’ve only got to get out of your own way and watch the dream, already in progress…

    Because it’s summer and I’m all about the input these days, as I edit my next book, here’s the input that led to that crazy dream. (The input versus output podcast episode is here if you’re all, “WTF is input!?”)

    The new Magic Lessons podcast by Liz Gilbert.
    This money-wise article by Danielle LaPorte.
    This graphic novel, short and lovely and profound all at once.
    This book. Oh my YA fiction, I just reread it and it’s pure delight.
    These paintings. I want all of them.
    And these paintings, too. Aren’t they fantastic?

    If you want input on a massive scale — as well as some time in Hawaii — check out the Find Your Voice workshop.

    Find Your Voice workshop // Brand Camp

    It would be my great honor to share the island of Oahu, my deepest gifts, and a sleepover house with you this September. We’ll tell the truth about where you are in your business and in life, then make a map for the road ahead — all while making sure your business aligns with who you are and where you want to go in the world. It’s a life tune-up with breathtaking views of the ocean and homecooked meals.

    Find Your Voice with me.

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