Running a business? The only question you need to answer.

If friends of mine were too afraid to start a business, or were considering switching up businesses, or were generally floundering about in the land of indecision, here’s what I would say.

Figure out what it is you want your business to give you.

Some people have businesses to give them money.
Some want freedom, some chase prestige.
Some want to make their own damn hours or escape the cubicle.
Some want to say they’re entrepreneurs because it’s sounds good.
And some want a damn fine excuse to get away from their families for hours each day.

What is it you want your business to give you?

Fame, achievement, awards, accolades?
Income, safety, stability?
Quality interactions with fine humans?
A sense of possibility and of controlling your destiny?
Alone time and the absence of coworkers?
Fulfillment and a sense of purpose?
Dollars? Vacations? A new car?
A new life?

What is it you want your business to give you, really?

Once you’ve admitted it to yourself — whatever it is — you’ll be much more likely to get it.

(Oh, and there’s no use being ashamed of whatever it is you want. Your desire to buy 7 handbags a month with your business in no way makes it less awesome. Just like my desire to fund trip after trip with mine doesn’t make me weird. There are plenty of other things that do that.)

Feel free to e-mail your answer to — because nailing this down with a finite answer is pretty damn important, and will feel like a massive weight has been lifted from your shoulders.


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That's What She Said!

You should seriously change your tag line to “soul searcher and truth speaker”. The way you got to the heart of my issues with one direct question is amazing.

Kelly Nelson