2015 planned with one question? You betcha.

There’s a point when I leave the Trader Joe’s.

Cart unloaded, car trunk full.

I’m angry every single time.

I’ve just spent $122.34 on things I need. Practical, everyday items. Avocados, bananas, that cheese-less pizza with the balsamic sauce and the veggies.

I’ve just paid $122.34 to survive. Without frills, sparkly additions or impractical purchases. (And I did NOT buy the Pumpkin Banana Bread Mix, dammit.)

I’ve just paid $122.34 for the bare minimum. UGH.

One-question planning for 2015. Easy peasy.

It occurred to me, whilst planning 2015, that planning for the bare minimum wasn’t going so well. I was running numbers and getting exactly 0% excited.

Launch this, push that, write this, hustle that.

I’m planning to pay the electric bill and the rent, feed the Hermione D. Granger and heat the house. But that’s the no frills, totally practical, just-existing-level planning.

No frills, sparkly additions, or impractical purchases.

Which isn’t exactly…motivating.

So I made a list. Fast. Of all the impractical and lovely things I want to pay for next year.

California. Venice. Those slinky garments I’ve been eyeing up on Pinterest. (It’s a secret board, silly!) Ocean time. Reading time (in Europe).

And suddenly…I’m motivated. I’m more than willing to work for eating pizza and sipping espresso at a cafe by the Grand Canal. I can’t freaking wait to go surfing again, this time with someone who knows how and will take the time to show me without my practically drowning.

We unfurl when we transcend the practical.

So, what’s the impractical thing you’re working for in 2015?


Where are you going without worrying about whether you’ve got those bananas and some more toilet paper in your cart? What are you going to do when you’ve gotten beyond the Trader Joe’s parking lot and you’d like some chocolate, some lingerie, or some fine-ass new shoes?

What are you wiling to work harder to buy, to make, to grow, to experience, or to achieve?

Start planning for 2015 there.

Planning for 2015  with 1 question // Brand Camp

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