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    Before we start…this is the beginning of my dipping my toes into answering questions about finding your why.  Your reason for being (or raison d’etre in oh-so-French speak) — locating and then actively using your reason for being in your everyday (business) life.   Enjoy!

    If you’ve see my Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail bios, you’ll see the title of Orphan Hugger appear.

    Uh, Kristen. That sounds made up.

    Exactly. And totally. One day, I was reading the Twitter bio of TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie and saw that his title was Chief Shoe Giver. He’s in charge of the entire company, but the thing he chooses to put in his bio is not CEO or Founder, but Chief Shoe Giver.

    That struck me as the best job on the planet. No, wait! The best job on the planet would be Orphan Hugger.

    As in, someone who hugs orphans. Someone who gives much-needed love to kids who are part of the system. Kids who have been separated from or abandoned by their parents. I can’t fix their plight, but I can be a bright spot in their lives.

    I made up my title and you can make yours up, too.

    Just because I co-founded Brand Camp with Haunani and I write books doesn’t mean my title has to be limited to my business. My favorite title is what happens in my life as a result of my business: orphan hugging.

    You see, I get kids. I look into their eyes and see who they are without judging any of what I see. It’s a rare gift, and it generally leads to kids shooting their arms straight out to be held by me – a complete stranger – at restaurants. They sidle up to me in line at the grocery store and the movie theater. Sometimes they just walk past and wheel around to end up walking backward, staring into my eyes and smiling. (Apparently adults who get kids are a pretty rare find.)

    The best job in my world, then, is to truly see children who are never seen as anything but part of a group: orphans.

    Why aren’t you doing this in the United States, Kristen?

    Oh, honey. There are no orphanages, only foster care in the U.S.. I couldn’t foster a kitten, let alone a child, because I could never give a kitten or a child back to the system. That process would destroy me.

    Orphan hugging lets me share one of my greatest gifts and travel as part of the process.

    I made up the best job on Earth, and now I get to do it. That’s the joy of being in business.

    What about you? What’s the best job title you can dream up?

    Sure, it can be Photographer or Artist or Butcher or Baker or Candlestick Maker. But wouldn’t it be cool to make your job title less about what you do, and more about the impact you want your life to have?

    Kristen! I’m already a mom and a photographer, which makes me a sous chef, a customer service expert, a student of photography, and a master of healing scrapes and wounds.

    Hold up! Put those thoughts on hold for a few minutes and dream with me.

    Given the ability to affect positive change in any aspect of life on this planet, what would you choose to change first?

    Maybe you’d opt for world peace, which speaks to your interest in social justice. Maybe you’d end world hunger, which means you’d be great volunteering with organizations dedicated to teaching sustainable farming in countries affected by famine.

    Maybe you’d like to end a really annoying problem, like ______________________. (Hey, far be it from me to put words in your mouth!)

    Maybe you’d love to travel to ___________ and help with community projects.

    Write those dreams down! It’s all too easy to dismiss dreams as nothing special instead of listening to them.

    Grab an index card, the back of a receipt, your day planner, or a piece of paper, and record your answers. Let them live for just a second before you squash ’em like a bug, please?

    Just because you don’t know how the everloving hell you’re going to make a dream happen doesn’t mean it won’t come true. (Shortly after choosing this title, I created the Becoming class to fund my journey. See that making-it-up-as-you-go-along theme?)

    To learn more about making it up as you go along, as well as explore what your dream job (title) might look and feel like, you can join me on a f-r-e-e 90-minute teleseminar recording that took place on February 21st.

    There’s a dream job worksheet to keep you on your toes while you listen, as well as 90 minutes of audio to get your brain synapses firing like mad.

    I’ll also share the way I found my $750,000 skill.

    (You know, the one I convinced myself couldn’t make any money when I was in college.)

    If you feel like your job could be more fulfilling or your business could be more closely aligned with your values — and what makes your heart sing — I’d love to send you the recording.

    Once you’re on board, tell me about your dream job title in the comments. Doesn’t matter if it’s totally scary or totally unrealistic — tell me anyway!

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