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Hi, I’m Kristen Kalp, founder of the Brand Camp blog, and it’s so freaking nice to meet you!

I lead a merry band of peeps who are working to change the world with our businesses and with our daily lives, showing people what’s possible within the context of the modern world.

I’m a master possibility stepper — that’s someone who sees what’s possible and takes a single step toward, all careful-like, before her head can talk her out of it — and I’ve been feeling my way like Indiana Jones through a long, booby-trapped puzzle for years now to get to my treasures. I’ve reached my own prizes — like traveling for a quarter of the year, having a hardcover book on the shelves, donating over twenty grand to charity, writing Change the World, Dammit!, orphan hugging in Kenya for months at a time, and teaching entrepreneurs from all over the world.

I’ve also changed horses midstream.
I’ve owned a six-figure photography studio and shut it down to pursue writing. I’ve built websites, run launches, learned to sell stuff, given a keynote presentation that ended in a mass cannonball (pictured), mastered the marketing of the moment, and leaped from a cliff. (Literally, that one time in Mexico.)

I’ve turned down big-ticket projects that seemed right but didn’t feel right. On the flip side, I’ve ignored my intuition and gone horribly awry. For example? Having $.73 in the bank account and no cash in the pipeline; spending months working on a class to sell 3 seats at under $100; fielding epic hate mail for sending an e-mail to over 14,000 people with precisely the wrong wording. Couldn’t have been more wrong if I’d been actively trying to get people to hunt me down and hate me, hooray!

I’ve chosen exactly the wrong organization for my first orphan-hugging excursion. (That was terrible.)

I’ve cried all by my lonesome in a $12 hotel in Nairobi. (Also terrible, only with hookers just outside the door.)

In other words: I’ve fucked up. Big time.

It’s only in fucking up that I’m able to learn the lessons required of people growing toward their goals as quickly as humanly possible.

Please, put my fucked-it-up skills to use. I’m now good at avoiding pitfalls and keeping limbs intact while treasure-hunting. I’m also damn good at helping peeps like you figure out exactly what your treasure is in the first place.

My peeps call me a clarifier — which I imagine as a magical trinket most at home in the land of Harry Potter — making your next steps toward what lights you up easier to see and to manage.

What are you working for, and why does it matter? It’s the question I’d be thrilled to help you answer in our work together.

I’m also downright contact-able.

You can e-mail me via brandcamponline@gmail.com.

You can call the bat phone at 215-206-3689. You can call the back-up bat phone (Haunani, my Director of Other) at 610-216-7224.

You can aim your smoke signals toward P.O. Box 287 East Texas, PA 18046. Because hey, it’ll be a good story to tell the cops when they find me flailing a rug at the raging fire outside the studio, spelling out ‘A-h-o-y-t-h-e-r-e’ in secret decoder smoke.

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You have a gift for simplifying seemingly complicated concepts. Once you’re done with them, I can’t remember why I thought it was complicated in the first place.

Mandy Munns