We all want to grow our incomes to some extent, but the thought of growing by leaps and bounds can be intimidating.  Why not grow by $1,000 at a time?  Below, five ways to make $1,000 in your photography biz.  They’re simple and quick — experience success with one and you’ll be ready to try another without any pesky fears, nagging doubts, or crazy concerns.  These are baby steps!

Raise your session fee by $35.

Over the course of 30 sessions, you’ll make an extra $1050.  Simple!

Increase the cost of your prints by $5.

This could mean increasing all your gift print sizes by $5, or just making your 8×10′s, 5×7′s, and 4×6′s the same price.

Hold a semi-annual print sale. That’s twice a year, folks.

Build buzz about the sale on Facebook, and let peeps know that all OLD galleries — not current ones — will be reactivated for X days.  Give your peeps a 20% – 40% discount and watch the sales roll in.  Offer smaller savings on big ticket items like canvases and albums.

Offer the first five people to convince their friends to book a session with you a $25 Starbucks gift card.

This is a great way to activate your portrait client base.  They get happy, you get 5 new sessions.  Well over $1,000 there…

Create an incentive that’s $200 over your average sale right now.

Convert 5 peeps with that incentive, you’ve got your grand.  For example, if you’re currently selling $800 worth of products with every shoot, add an accordion album, cards, a few digital files, or an album upgrade of some kind for clients to spend $1,000.  Just make sure you’re not adding to your cost of good significantly by getting that sale.  (If an album upgrade costs you $200, you haven’t made a penny.)

Bonus tip:  have a good bio.  It makes it easier for peeps to hire you.  I just launched a free e-course about this very topic, you can sign up for it below…

Come back on Tuesday, my dear, and I’ll share five ways to make $5,000 in your business.  (Oh yes.  Yes, I will.)


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