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Brand Camp tickets are no longer available.  Grab a free copy of Go Your Own Way: free yourself from business as usual as a consolation prize? ;)

It’s so easy to put everything in your life on the back burner in the pursuit of building your business. Time and energy drain away.  In no time, you’re not sleeping or eating or moving or doing anything but working.  And working.  And working.  Until one day you wake up and you don’t exactly know why you started your business in the first place.  You know you must have gone wrong somewhere, but you’re too busy to figure out where.

Life goes way too fast to give yourself a pause button, right?  So you try managing the shit-show.  Staying afloat, keeping busy, pretending everything is fine (my marketing is going GREAT! I love Twitter!  And LinkedIn!  And Google+! So many clients I can’t keep up!  Life is perfect!!!  Really!!!!!!!!!!).

But really, you’re so frustrated you want to scream.  You’re too scared to tell the truth.  You’re too far in to quit.  You feel completely and utterly alone.  I’m Kristen, founder of Brand Camp — and I totally, completely get it.

Brand Camp details

glitter-arrowBecause I get it, Brand Camp does every part of business education differently. From the way we meet (summer camp!), to the way we work together (small accountability groups), to the ways in which we help you explore doing business your own damn way (with masterclasses galore.  And jazz brunch. Obviously).

We’re taking a pause together.  A break long enough to sort out what’s happening, to listen to what we want, and to blaze a way forward.  Whether that’s more effort or less, taking on ten times the clients or one-tenth the clients, doubling down or throwing in the towel — every business owner deserves a pause.   A retreat, a respite, a gulp of fresh air to figure out where all the time and energy and money and inspiration are going.  This is it.

With a never-before-seen mixture of online and in-person activities, Brand Camp is the deep sigh of relief you and your business have been craving.

We’re cooking up clarity, accountability, and community — three key tools in every successful entrepreneur’s bag of tricks.  Watch the video and I’ll explain.

No really.  Watch the video.


Your Brand Camp experience comes packed to the gills with six monthly (and two bonus!) masterclasses to shed light on pressing business topics and to get you earning back the cost of your investment in Brand Camp right away.

kristen kalpEach monthly masterclass is followed by live Q&A, so you can ask questions, get clarity around confusing points, or — as Oprah would say — “share your ahas.”

Because you’re learning at the rate of one 90-minutes-or-less masterclass a month, you actually have time to make improvements to your business and take action before moving on. No need to cramp your hands taking notes or to feel overwhelmed with information.

All masterclasses are taught by me, Kristen Kalp. I’ve been teaching since I could arrange my teddy bears into neat little rows in front of a chalkboard. I’ve also got an education degree, been behind the scenes while coaching hundreds of clients in business through the Brand Camp blog, and helped to ghostwrite and launch over $1.25 million worth of e-books.


Here is a really friggin’ detailed look at what we’ll cover.  Click the tabs to see each one!


January - pinpoint your profitPinpoint your profit

We’re taking a hard look at your business income in this class. We’ll figure out which bits of your business income should be kept — and which should be voted off the island faster than the douchey guy gets voted off a new episode of Survivor.

You’ll learn:

  • which income streams matter most in your business
  • how each income stream fits into your big vision
  • which income streams should be voted off your island first
  • how to map out the next year in 30 minutes or less

february - start marketing in a way that feels good to youStart marketing in a way that feels good to you

Our second class is all about marketing in a way that feels right for you.  Because you don’t have to pin, tweet, text, blog, vine (is that a term?), or insta-anything if you don’t want to — but you do have to figure out which marketing bits you absolutely love and then do them consistently.

You’ll learn:

  • how to build a sustainable and flexible marketing calendar
  • the three questions that make marketing 84% less stressful
  • the marketing techniques that require less work to make an impact
  • “so old it’s new again” marketing methods to raise visibility in your community

set pricing for your most valuable talentsSet pricing for your most valuable talents

Frankly, this is when your mind gets blown. We’ll cover the incredible talents that come easily to you, how to work them into your business, and how much that talent is worth to the rest of humanity. When we’ve pinpointed your truest, deepest, and most unique talent, we’ll work it into your business offerings. And you’ll probably cry about it because you’re so damn relieved.

You’ll learn:

  • how to determine which talents are worth charging for
  • the surefire way to find your easy-as-breathing talents when you doubt yourself
  • tricks for building easy-as-breathing talents into your existing product and service offerings
  • why honing these talents is crucial for your own health and well-being

april - stop chasing money once and for allStop chasing money once and for all

When most people talk about wealth, they’re talking about cash — and they’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle. Though counter-intuitive, true wealth has three aspects. We’ll cover each one in detail, and I’ll help you assess which piece of the puzzle needs your attention most in this very moment.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • the three aspects of wealth you must consider when making any money-based decisions
  • which seemingly innocent patterns keep you from earning as much as possible
  • my secrets to feeling truly wealthy — and where I still struggle
  • how to instantly know whether money can fix an issue — or whether you need to go deeper

may - prevent burnoutPrevent burnout

We’re talking meltdowns. Why they sneak up on you, how to see ‘em coming and most importantly — how to prevent ‘em. We’ll make friends with stress (because I don’t do frenemies) — and then we’ll talk about the biggest stressor on the whole planet. And I’ll bet it’s one you have contact with for hours each day.

I’ll throw down about:

  • which seemingly innocent habits are sabotaging your business and your mental health
  • easy ways to start changing your habits without giving up your iPhone
  • the time-management tricks that allow me to get tons done without working for 12 hours a day
  • the one simple rule that has saved marriages all over the world

june - bring the secret project you dream about to lifeBring that secret project you dream about to life

After all those months of learning — and once camp has finished — you’re ready to change the world in a big way. You’ll receive a copy of my full Change the World, Dammit! program (worth $249 smackeroos), then we’ll meet for an epic masterclass.

You’ll suddenly know:

  • which mindset about world-changing will sabotage your entire effort before you even start
  • the single most important factor to consider when choosing a world-changing project
  • secrets to finding a project you adore — and how to make it happen
  • the single most important factor in your fundraising success

In other words:

You’re gonna cut the dead weight from your business so you can focus on what makes you the most money AND meaning.
You’re gonna identify the marketing techniques that will help your business most so you can make a killer plan for actually USING them.
You’re gonna price your products and talents profitably and effectively so you can get out of the always-worried-about-money cycle.
You’re gonna talk a good, hard look at what it means to be truly wealthy so you can be 3000% more grateful for the life you already have. And then make it awesome.
You’re gonna stop sabotaging yourself and your business so you can be as successful as you wanna be.
You’re gonna get out of your own way so you can change the world, dammit.

You’ll also receive two bonus masterclasses that will be released at secret times, just to keep your brain busy and to cover pressing topics. These include: Awkward! 10 simple scripts for handling sticky business situations and No more website shame! Quick fixes for common mistakes that cost you money.

A $1599 value, these classes distill my business knowledge into manageable chunks that are full of practical information. They form a structure that allows our live camp to build upon what you already know, to bring us together in a constructive way, and to engage in more play instead of cramming you with information when we finally meet in person.

(You’ll receive recordings of the masterclasses that have already gone down when you sign up for camp — and yes, you can totally catch up with ease — so you won’t be even a bit behind.  You’ve got this!)This is learning the way we humans are meant to do it. Over time, without a shit-ton of fear about falling behind, and in the company of like-minded folks.Also, I’ll swear a lot, which means you’re more likely to listen. Swearing not your thing? That’s okay, but you definitely won’t enjoy Brand Camp. Please oh please don’t come to camp if you’re not amused by a deep, heartfelt exclamation of the word “Fuckbuckets.”

Brand Camp masterclasses


As for camp itself: holy crap. You’re gonna love it.

We’re meeting in the Pocono mountains of PA for four days of all-inclusive camp, from May 27-30, 2014. We’ve gathered some of the finest speakers on the planet to give a mixture of keynotes and TED-like talks during our time together.

Our teachers include:

bob goff, brian adreas, jesh derox

Bob Goff // New York Times bestselling author of Love Does

Brian Andreas // world-renowned artist & founder of StoryPeople

Jesh de Rox // all-around mischief maker & founder of Adventure Always

jonathan canlas, josh solar, kristen kalp

Jonathan Canlas // photographer & founder of Film is Not Dead

Josh Solar // founder of The Happy Family Movement

Kristen Kalp // writer & founder of Brand Camp

jenny shih, kendrick shope, anna kunnecke

Jenny Shih // business coach & ease-maker
Kendrick Shope // sales maven

Anna Kunnecke // wise woman & life coach

nicole polk, katie o'farrell, michelle waters

Nicole Polk // fearless creative explorer
Katie O’Farrell // meaning maker

Michelle Waters // artist & compulsive creator

jenika mcdavitt, jeanette leblanc, michelle cormack

Jenika McDavitt // writer and founder of Psychology for Photograpers
Jeanette Leblanc // writer & (r)evolutionary

Michelle Cormack // graphic designer & lover of life

You’ll have days at camp with all these peeps, so you can connect, ask questions, and make conversation all the live long day.

They won’t be hiding or running away, as I’ve seen so many speakers at other conferences do — but they might invite you to jump in a lake, play soccer, dance, or make a painting while you chat. (It’s camp, after all!)


Brand Camp class topics

…and the speakers are only the beginning.  The pool will be open, the woods will be in bloom, and the sport courts will be open. The team and I are planning a pretty killer dance party, an eternal s’more flame, and small breakout sessions taught by your fellow attendees to fill your free time. We’re working on a sunrise ferris wheel (because why NOT have one, right?), an introvert’s lounge, and some other surprises we can’t wait to share. Honestly, most of ‘em involve tearaway costumes.

The one thing that won’t be filling your free time at camp: screens. We’re using camp as time to truly unplug — with the exception of 20 minutes per day to make sure the kids/pets/plants are still alive. (Don’t worry, we’ll have a fully-staffed landline phone that all your peeps can call in case of emergency.)

For the duration of camp, we’re daring one another to be screen-free. We’re going learn and have fun without an app and a playlist. We’re going to put down our e-mail and our Instagram and our Candy Crush and our endless notification messages and look each other in the eyes.

Consider this a deep, cleansing breath for your business.  The crew and I are loading you up with the time and energy to soak up life’s simple stuff. Good food, good knowledge, good friends, and a roaring campfire tricked out with s’more supplies. Plenty of time for connecting, for watching the fire, for napping, for reading, for swimming, or for reviving your unstoppable dodgeball skills, if that’s your thing.

Brand Camp details divider

Break out the jazz hands!  Your all-inclusive Brand Camp experience comes with:

  • Admission to the best freakin’ business gathering EVER on May 27-30, 2014 // $1999 value
  • Speeches, talks, and informal interaction with teachers Bob Goff, Brian Andreas, Jesh de Rox, Jonathan Canlas, Jeanette Leblanc, Josh Solar, Jenny Shih, Kendrick Shope, Anna Kunnecke, Nicole Polk, Katie O’Farrell, Michelle Waters, and Jenika McDavitt // $399 value
  • Three nights’ accommodation in a Pine Forest camp cabin with your new best friends // $299 value
  • A full belly: all meals during your stay in the Poconos of PA and unlimited s’mores, too // $249 value
  • Jump-up-and-down-you-should-be-excited surprise activities that involve ice cream trucks, live music, and a pop-up carnival.  (We’d love to tell you more, but then you’d pee your pants with excitement — and that’s just embarrassing.) // $199 value
  • Eight masterclasses, featuring practical insights and live group coaching with Kristen // $1599 value
  • June access to Change the World, Dammit!: your guide to pinpointing, planning, and profiting from your next great adventure // $249 value
  • Accountability sessions! Live community Q&A calls in July and September 2014 to help with follow-through and to boost productivity — ’cause inspiration without action is for the freaking birds. // $299 value
  • Admission to our exclusive online community // $399 value
  • Breathing room.  Space to catch your breath, reconnect with yourself, and declare a do-over on your business if need be.  // Priceless.

For nine months, you’ll be getting the best the entire Brand Camp family has to offer — from community to masterclasses, live Q&A calls to accountability — plus the multi-fungasmic experience that is your time at the Brand Camp.Oooh ooh, and one more thing!  ACCOUNTABILITY!  The biggest problem with taking ANY class or program online is making sure you do the work in a timely manner.  That’s why we’re hooking you up with people who keep you honest and accountable — who are walking the same path you are at this moment.  You’ll be assigned 3-4 other campers who keep you doing what you say you’re going to do, mastermind-style.

No other program takes care of you this way.  The crew and I are so excited to be leading the charge!  (And in the immortal words of Tommy Boy: holy schnikies!)

Again, to be clear: 100% of your room and board is covered, including camp accommodations, activities, and meals — plus attendance at any and all classes, both online and in person.

Our goal is for you to leave the nine-month-long Brand Camp experience
feeling really freaking wealthy — time, energy, and money-wise.

Total value: $5691 // Your cost: $1299 (Save $4392, woot!)

Brand Camp tickets are no longer available.  Grab a free copy of Go Your Own Way: free yourself from business as usual as a consolation prize? ;)


Lemme be clear.

It’s my goal for you to recover 100% of your investment before you set foot on camp property in May.

Then every minute we spend together in person is a big, loving squishy bonus — instead of a desperate attempt for you to recover your dollars and scribble down notes at the speed of sound.

Here are 12 ways you’ll earn your money back with Brand Camp:

12 ways you'll earn your money back with brand camp


If the thought of coming up with the cash for camp in the next few days makes you freak a little, just click the panic button.  There’s a helpful video on the other side. Or if you need some help getting your loved ones on the Brand Camp train, check out the tiny scripts to help you overcome any sentence starting with “But…” and ending with a reason for you not to come. We’ve got this.

kelly nelson, sarah allred, jenika mcdavitt

You should seriously change your tag line to “soul searcher and truth speaker”. The way you got to the heart of my issues with one direct question is amazing. — Kelly Nelson

You pull out the parts of people’s souls that
they had never taken time to discover.

– Sarah Allred

Miracle Gro for your sales average.
– Jenika McDavitt


 Brand Camp tickets are no longer available.  Grab a free copy of Go Your Own Way: free yourself from business as usual as a consolation prize? ;)


In case you’re all, “Yah but I don’t see how this is different from _________”…here’s a rundown.

exactly how is brand camp different

Where’s Brand Camp located? Were taking over Pine Forest Camp, which is located in the Poconos Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania: 185 Pine Forest Road, Greeley, PA 18425. Camp takes place from May 27-29, 2014. It’s less than two hours’ drive from the Allentown, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Newark, NJ, and New York, NY airports.

Which airport do I fly into for camp? You have your choice of four airports! Allentown, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Newark, NJ, or New York, NY. Allentown is the closest but likely to be the most expensive, so we recommend flying into Newark, New Jersey.

Do I have to rent a car? There is no public transportation that will bring you all the way to camp, so you’ll want to arrange for a rental car if you’re flying in for Brand Camp. Your car will remain parked for the duration of camp, so if you can nab a ride with a friend — do so! If you live on the East Coast, we support road tripping with new friends.

How many people can come? Pine Forest Camp, where we’re staying, holds up to 1,000 people — but they’ve agreed that limiting attendance to 600 people can be called “taking over” and makes the event a go. Each attendee (that’d be you!) is assigned a house, Hogwarts-style (each one holding 150 people), as well as a cohort (about 50 people) and a cabin (about 12 people.)  That allows for maximum coziness while appeasing the camp powers that be — and you’ll meet your cabin, cohort, and house members online well in advance of May so you can be all cozy-like. ;)

Do I have to stay at camp? While the thought of renting a hotel room and popping over to camp during the day might sound appealing, one of the core features of camp is meeting people and making friends, which just won’t happen if you’re commuting to and from the property. If you’re an introvert who’s scared of hanging with 11 cabinmates for the whole time, remember: there are literally MILES of trails and places to hide in nature in order to snag quiet time. We get it — and you can do it!

Can I bring my spouse/partner? You can bring absolutely any adult you’re willing to buy a ticket for, lovely! It’s great to share experiences like this one

with your significant other. However, there are no private cabins. We want to make sure no attendees are stuck in a cabin that’s a rockin’ so they can’t come a-knockin,’ so if you can’t bear the thought of not being able to sleep with your sugarbear, I suggest attending this event solo.

Do I have to own a business to come? It’s preferred but not required, especially in the case of those who live with a creative entrepreneur. Many parts of camp don’t require owning a business (since s’mores taste the same no matter your occupation), and we’ll give you a heads-up about which speakers’ presentations are just for business owners. We also think you’ll be surprised at how much of the business advice you hear could apply to your life as it stands right now.

Can I bring my kid(s)? We love babies and kids, but the lack of private rooms available at camp means we can only offer cabin accommodations for adults. No babies, kids, tots, toddlers, or otherwise, please!

Can I bring my dog? Pine Forest Camp isn’t pet-friendly and we’ve promised their incredible staff that we won’t be bringing any animals onto campus, so please leave dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, snakes, bats, spiders, and the like at home.

Will there be alcohol at camp? We love to get our drink on, but the camp itself is dry (since it’s typically used for eight-year-olds and all). We’ll incur a multi-thousand dollar fine for having alcoholic drinks on campus — which we’ll kindly pass on to you if you’re caught imbibing — so please refrain from bringing alcohol to camp. You’re going to have shit-tons of fun
without it!

What if I buy a ticket but can’t make it to camp? Tickets aren’t refundable, but they are transferable. If you find yourself unable to make it to camp, you are welcome to sell your ticket to someone else. Just let us know who you’ve sold it to so we can plan accordingly for that change. Unfortunately, selling your ticket means you give up your access to monthly masterclasses, group accountability calls, and additional bonuses so we can be fair to everyone involved while sticking to our strict attendance cap.


dividerlauren guilford, brenda lllams young, ketti phillips

I feel freed from the personal box I kept locking both myself and my business in. I had sadly given myself a very narrow path to go down…oh and *bonus*…a narrow mindset to light the way. I thought I had to live life and run my business a certain way (you know…the way everyone else is doing it!), and even though there were other things I wanted or enjoyed doing, they were not okay to pursue. I had always brushed my ideas and other photography interests off to the side because ‘I couldn’t make a living off of them’ and ironically, since being freed from my status quo box, my business has grown significantly! — Lauren Guilford

I never imagined I would walk away with an entirely new business model and a complete new outlook towards the future…I still can’t completely articulate what you’ve done but I know one thing, you’ve given me the confidence and permission to be amazing at what I do while making the living I deserve. – Brenda Llamas Young

After speaking with you I felt like a weight had been lifted and I could see clearly – like those Claritin commercials. You gave me focus and goals, instead of just waffling with so much to do and no clear way to do it. – Ketti Phillips

Brand Camp tickets are no longer available.  Grab a free copy of Go Your Own Way: free yourself from business as usual as a consolation prize? ;)


I truly, madly, deeply want you to fall in love with your heart and your business this year. 

Can’t wait to see you at camp, love.

Kristen Kalp signature




P.S.  If you’re anything like me (a total introvert!), I know how hard it can be to agree to travel and meet new people. I also know that every time I’ve been brave and gotten on that plane or train to go on a new business adventure, I’ve been richly rewarded with new friends, deep insights, and entirely new modes of doing business. Here’s just a little more insight into what we Brand Campers believe.

the brand camp manifesto

We’re a merry band of entrepreneurs who believe in making meaningful lives first, money second.

We dare you to tell the truth about who you are, even when life is messy and you want to hide. Even when you’re scared. Especially when you’re scared.

We believe professionalism comes from doing what you say you’re going to do, regardless of whether you’re wearing sneakers or suits while doing it.

We believe in getting together in person, face-to-face, because everyone knows watching a concert online is only about 5% the experience of watching it in real life. Same goes with any gathering of humans: energy matters.

We’ve agreed to be uncomfortable-on-purpose for the sake of learning and growing. Because when we’re uncomfortable, we let our walls down and learn at the speed of freaking light.

We’ve also agreed to gather in a way that honors the tiny, quiet voice of our eight-year-old selves. That means we value hugging over handshakes and cartwheels over computer time.

Finally, we’re committed to blurring the line between work and play. We look forward to the time when entrepreneurs around the world consider the amount of fun, pleasure, and purpose they’ve experienced before checking their profits.


Here it is: your chance to say "yes" to feeling truly wealthy -- time, energy, and money-wise -- in 2014. You in?

Brand Camp tickets are no longer available.  Grab a free copy of Go Your Own Way: free yourself from business as usual as a consolation prize? ;)

dividernicki behm, nikki mcarthur

You have a gift for simplifying seemingly complicated concepts. Once you’re done with them, I can’t remember why I thought it was complicated in the first place. — Mandy Munns

Spending time with Kristen is incredibly comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. She makes you feel welcome, important, and unique, but at the same time she pushes you until you get down to your core, until you realize things about yourself that are difficult to see or articulate – things that are glaringly obvious to her. She knows what questions to ask, how to ask them and in what order to get you to realize your dreams, to realize that you already have the answers you’re looking for. — Nicki Behm

…you see all the shit that’s holding us back as humans and as business people that we deep, deep down know is there but are too scared or complacent to do anything about. You see past the exterior and cover we put up and see the real people we are hiding. — Nikki McArthur


Brand Camp tickets are no longer available.  Grab a free copy of Go Your Own Way: free yourself from business as usual as a consolation prize? ;)


Again: if the thought of coming up with the cash for camp in the next few days makes you freak a little, just click the panic button.  There’s a helpful video on the other side. Or if you need some help getting your loved ones on the Brand Camp train, check out the tiny scripts to help you overcome any sentence starting with “But…” and ending with a reason for you not to come. We’ve got this.