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    Beating your social media addiction (er…habit.)

    Social media can help grow most any modern business. But its side effects can wreak havoc in our personal lives, blurring the line between work and play until we’re chained to a screen, hoping for new notifications and interactions long into the wee hours of the morning.

    If you’re addicted to social media, you’re not alone. Let’s break down the problem with a simple first step toward loosening the ties between you and your precious.

    At a recent workshop, peeps were amazed to hear my simple rule for tuning out social media: no screens in bed. Not when you first wake up, not as you lie down, not as you work until you fall asleep drooling on your keyboard.

    The first rule for breaking social media addiction: no screens in bed.


    They were disbelieving: I’m going to ask Matt if that’s really true!

    They were ashamed: But what if we always bring a screen or two to bed?

    They were appalled: How do you fall asleep?

    Yes, you’ll have to get a real alarm clock. That’s really true, and I fall asleep by reading. A real book with actual pages.

    This isn’t meant to be some holier than thou tirade: it’s meant to show you that you, too, can make the choice to let social media behind when you’re meant to be resting. Your business will not suffer because you failed to make that late-night reply to a comment. You already know how to schedule social media, so the rest is just a matter of breaking the habit.

    The next step in breaking your habit: make a list of better-than-social-media activities.

    This is my personal list of 20 things that are more fun for me than social media. Steal it, pin it, or make your own!

    This free worksheet will help you make your own happy little list — and when you complete it, you’ll be one step closer to breaking the pattern of letting social media dominate your waking hours.

    Got a tale to tell? Want to share one of your top 20 non-social-media activities? Please, share in the comments. We’re all struggling with balancing the offline and online worlds, ’round here — so any advice is helpful!


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